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Soda Blasting


Soda Blasting

Valley Maintenance & Restoration, Inc. uses soda blasting to remediate fire/smoke contamination and mold jobs when appropriate. Soda blasting is a process in which an environmentally safe product of sodium bicarbonate is used as a specially formulated blast media to clean and strip most surfaces using a high volume but low pressure blasting machine. Soda blasting is a revolutionary cleaning technology that uses a non-destructive abrasive and eliminates environmentally hazardous chemicals. It is able to remove soot, carbon, and residue after a fire and even some light charring from wood and other surfaces, grease, oil, and other surface materials from virtually any substrate, without further damaging the structure. Blasting allows the operator to clean deep into small gaps, entirely into corners and behind installed ductwork.

Mold Removal by soda blasting has turned out to be a natural extension of the use of soda blasting from the fire restoration industry. The soft, angular nature of soda allows for quick removal of the mold, while providing minimum impact on the wood surfaces.